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Southshorepaintingedabdtruck2I’d like to start by introducing myself; my name is Ed Wischerth, and I make my home in Bellmore NY with my wife and 2 children. I have made my home in South Nassau for the past 30 years, which is my primary area of service.

ZERO Complaints

I started my painting career in 1990, as a one-man operation. Since then I have grown my business to include 5 work crews, each one personally supervised my me. We have serviced over 2,000 South Nassau residents and businesses with ZERO complaints with Nassau Department of Consumer Affairs.

Full Service Painting & Plastering Contractor

We provide decorative wall finishing for commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential projects. We provide decorative wall finishing for commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential properties. Our services includes professional interior painting of walls and trim, as well as wallpapering and faux finishes. Glazes, stains, imprints, plaster and textured materials are applied by hand in a range of techniques to produce beautiful patinas on walls, doors and moldings. A desired effect can be produced with just a simple colored glaze atop a painted surface, or more elaborate multi layered applications, utilizing textures and glaze. We specialize in plaster restorations.

Our staff of courteous professionals are capable, solicitous and attentive to detail. They will prepare the workspace and protect all surroundings, taking no short cuts.

Over 30 Years in Business!

We are proud of our reputation as the premiere, dependable, service-oriented company that we have worked so hard to become. Many contractors hire inexperienced, cheap labor, that don’t know what they are doing, and in many occasion the contractors don’t know for sure who they are. My painters are all experienced, professional, reliable painters that have worked for me for many years, I trust them, and so can you.

Fully Insured & Licensed To Protect You, The Homeowner

Most painting contractors may advertise that they are fully insured, even when they are not. What does that mean? Liability insurance; that covers you from any damage to your property, done or caused by any member of the crew. Work compensation; that covers any injury to a worker while at your property. So that you are fully protected.

Many people don’t understand that if anything happens to a worker and the painting contractor is not insured, the homeowner is 100% responsible even if they hired a contractor. Make sure you always get a copy of the insurance certificate from ANY contractor that you hire to do work in your home.

Reasonable Price

I guarantee you a reasonable price. Be aware of a really low bids. It usually means that the contractor has either hired inexperienced workers, or maybe he doesn’t really understand what he is doing, or doesn’t have the necessary insurances. My price is always based on great quality, covering all the expenses that a legal business has and a reasonable, moderate profit.

Free Quote

We provide no-charge, no-obligation estimates and consultations that ensure all aspects of your project are fully understood, from quote to finish. This means there are no foreseeable surprises later on. If you would like to arrange for an appointment to review your needs, please contact us.